Here's How An Immigration Consultation Can Help You Reach Your Immigration Goals

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Navigating the Canadian immigration process is complicated. The words on IRCC’s forms don’t seem to mean the same as they do in ordinary English. A person who is our ‘family member’ as far as you and I are concerned may not be one under IRCC’s definition. Work physically done in Canada may not count as Canadian work experience. The school you choose to study in Canada may be a dead end, despite their website’s claims, because IRCC doesn’t issue post graduation work permits to study permit holders from most private post-secondary schools.



Hiring an immigration consultant is by no means mandatory, but getting competent advice will make your life much, much easier, whatever type of application you plan to make.

Immigration planning is most often a project that requires piecing together a number of steps that will lead you inevitably closer to your immigration goals.

Dr. Joe specializes in creating strategic plans to help you reach your immigration goals using his years of experience as a Visa Officer and as a licensed Canadian immigration consultant. A consultation with Dr. Joe will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the immigration process and the fastest, most efficient, route to your ultimate goal. Dr. Joe will give you the type of advice that will position you to profit from every legal advantage the immigration system can offer.

There’s no one better equipped to lead you through the Canadian immigration services maze than Dr. Joe. It’s the only immigration advice you’ll ever need.

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