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With the opening of our Whistler office, we now offer a discounted consult for Sea-to-Sky locals

When is the best time to get immigration advice?

The best time to start planning your future pathway is about 6 weeks to 2 months after settling in. Newcomers think there's ‘lots of time’ to think about immigration, but the truth is the sooner you figure out how to get where you’re going, the smoother the process will be. However, even if you are reaching the end of your visa and have suddenly decided that Canada is the place for you, there might be avenues for you to explore.

Why do you charge so little (only $50) for a consultation?

No matter where you go to get help submitting your immigration application, it’s important for you to have a clear idea of what's best for you. Dr. Joe would rather you go to another consultant set up with the best plan for your situation than “wander around in the dark”, relying on amateur advice.

Dr. Joe recognizes that the Sea-to-Sky is full of young travellers, often working two jobs and suffering through a housing crisis. One of Dr. Joe's aims is that no one should give up hope on immigration because they have been given incorrect information or cannot afford the full price of a regular consult. With a $50 consult, people are more likely to book sooner, get the right advice and take charge of their immigration process whilst they still have time to act.

Can Dr Joe handle my case for me?

Yes. Dr. Joe’s Immigration provides a full range of services, at a reasonable cost should you want to continue with him after having your consult.

Having worked on over 2,000 applications, Joe has only ever been given 5* reviews and ratings. He prides himself on his personalized approach and his ability to find customized routes for those who have previously been told they have do not fit the cookie cutter mould of applications.

It is the only immigration advice you will ever need.

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Dr Joe will answer all of your immigration questions and guide you to the best way to get where you want to go. By the end of the consultation you’ll have a clear roadmap and overall strategy in place, whether you want to extend a temporary stay or move on to PR and Canadian Citizenship.


After Care

If you want Dr. Joe to take over the stress of deadlines, application forms, and making sure your status is protected throughout the process, just leave the rest to us. Our reasonable rates and payment plans will give your peace of mind without breaking the bank.

It’s the only Immigration Consultation You’ll Ever Need

Cristina Uroni
Cristina Uroni
Joe helped us on several occasions throughout my partner’s immigration process in Canada. Joe always replied promptly and patiently to our emails containing questions about the application processes. He was very knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire process. We are extremely grateful for Joe’s help, which very recently resulted in my partner getting his Canadian Permanent Residency. Thank you Joe!
Lauren Dillon
Lauren Dillon
Extremely helpful and very knowledgeable about the pr process. Put me at ease knowing someone was looking out for my best interests! couldn't recommend more!
Meg Sequeira
Meg Sequeira
I was directed to Joe's services by my local MLA's office, to whom I had gone when I had exhausted all my options. Despite being on vacation, Joe was quick to respond to me via email and even quicker to set up a time to meet to go over my rejected documents. Joe's methods were thorough and his "marking rubric" was sent back to me in detail only 24 hours later. I recently applied for citizenship on my own and still used the methods he taught me in order to have peace of mind in knowing that my file was in good order and all my bases were covered. I highly recommend Joe. He was a life saver!
Tejinder Singh
Tejinder Singh
Daniela Arias
Daniela Arias
Excellent consulting service throughout the way - I have recommended Joe to my friends and family for future visas and PR processes.
Arnold King
Arnold King
Best immigration service, he so professional and understands the situation quickly, I highly would recommend Dr. Joe's Immigration, I have no regrets.
Charlie McCann
Charlie McCann
Joe was great, gave me alot of time over the phone before. Answered phone every time and helped with any questions I had, sorted me out 100 %
Eduardo Jimenez
Eduardo Jimenez
Dr. Joe is an excellent professional, he helped me throughout the process answering my questions and above all giving me some advice to obtain the visa successfully. I fully recommend his work to everyone.
Oli Sproates
Oli Sproates
When I was looking around for an Immigration lawyer to help me out, a lot of friends who had used Joe highly recommended him so I took their advice and went with Joe and from start to finish he has been exemplary. He made a tricky process seem very straight forward, he is very thorough and makes the whole process easy to understand, he was in constant communication whenever I had any questions or queries and made everything very easy to understand. I would highly recommend using Joe and will definitely be recommending him to any friends that are looking at doing their residency.
Danny R
Danny R
Joe helped me massively throughout the permanent residency process. From the initial detailed working out of points for an application through to getting the confirmation of residency, he was only ever a phone call or email away. The process went really smoothly, I would highly recommend using Joe for any immigration process! Thanks again!

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